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Good Hotel and Restaurant Practices

Valued added: The quality culture


“I have good resources but my clients complain about the service.”

“My employees do not apply what they’ve learned during training.”


“All kitchen problems reach the table.”

“My food chain production is not working: Sometimes the food is spoiled.”

Product and service:

Essential factors to win every star.

A sophisticated service and a quality product are two of the variables that make the difference in hotels and restaurants: the performance of those who serve clients and those who produce food is essential to business success. Education, training and retention of staff should be priorities in the internal agenda of a hotel or restaurant. When a stay becomes an experience to recommend or a dish becomes a topic of conversation, business has exceeded customer’s expectations: it has reached its emotional fiber.

The link between the client and the hotel/restaurant is built through the employees, that is why it should show the promise of the brand with an excellent service … in every word, with every gesture.

Who is it for?

For the entire hotel and restaurant sector.

What services are provided?

Improvement of service
and attitude towards customer.
Training of waiters.
Training of cooks and kitchen helpers.
Induction course for new staff.
Visit and audit of critical suppliers.
Problems solving.
Personalized follow up over conflict groups.
Use of photos for problems solving.
Quarterly meetings with staff to address service issues.
Optimization of hotel services in housekeeping areas, room service and various services.

What is the approach?


Periodical induction workshops, training and improvement.


Survey of internal processes of each supplier.

Mystery Shopper

Service assessment simulating real customer presence.

Nuestro objetivo es certificar para prevenir. Ocupamos el lugar del cliente que no puede ingresar a la cocina, pero quiere asegurarse de que se trata de una Cocina Cuidada. Como expertos en salubridadvisitamos las cocinas y aseguramos que se tengan en cuenta los lineamientos exigidos por el código alimentario.

Director of BQC Group, consultants in Corporate Governance, Management and Quality, Consultant in Quality Systems since 1999, Director of Food Quality Consulting. Evaluator of the National Quality Award. Former HHRR and Quality Manager in Molino Cañuelas. Former Organizational Development Manager at Corn Products International. Former Training Manager in Grupo Juncal Compañía de Seguros. ISO 9000 and HACCP Norms Audit. BRC Standards Advisor Exclusive participation in IV Cumbre de las Américas (2005): together with Bromatology Department of the City of Mar del Plata and La Nación. Monitored and took care of catering served to the presidents during the meeting.