Quality Management

Evironment & Recycling

Recyclable Waste

Waste: Social and Corporate Responsibility

We want to learn how to separate waste correctly.
We cannot make our employees separate waste.
We do not know where the waste we separate goes.
We want to reduce costs by better managing waste.

Good Practices. Good Companies.

The prestige and transparency of a company is measured not only in figures: but it is also transmitted in intangibles. Social responsibility is a positive value for the image of the company and to protect the community.

Generation, separation and recycling of waste are not only a problem in the domestic and urban areas but also in the private service sectors such as hotels and food service businesses. Creating responsible and healthy habits

among employees optimizes internal processes: the housekeeping staff and waiters should be allies to keep clean spaces, to reduce the costs and to generate social value.

To Whom is addressed

All hotel and restaurant sectors.

What Services are provived?

Evaluation and waste selection.
Recyclable waste measurement.
Quality audits.
Planning and management: potential buyers, costs, distribution.
Recycling certification by the residues buyer.
Training staff to separating the tras.
Standards and good practices implementation.


Buena reputación
Alta Confiabilidad
Efectividad estratégica y organizacional
Atractivo Inversor


Courses and trainings for staff.
Development of Strategy, Plan and Implementation to manage waste
Evaluate and measure waste.
Identification effectiveness index.