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Executive Management
Professional Board
Successful Company

The fluid communication, trusting bond construction and professional talent transform objectives, promises and expectations into tangible facts.

Depending on the organizational production and configuration scale, each company has a unique nature and  challenge. To guarantee its projection and profitability and offer excellent quality and service products, it should support the structural soundness at the Top (leader, directors, senior managers) and the base (workers, employees, external suppliers). For this, the Executive Management is indispensable but it is not enough, the integration of a Professional Board (experts on business, legal topics, marketing, human resources, etc.) must be on any family company, small, medium, large or multinational society. The Board must assure the creation and implementation of practical norms and processes for cohesion and transparency. The Management or Council to have a clear and precise protocol about the governance of the company.

To whom is addressed?

It is for small to medium family companies and organizations


What services are provided?

Organization  of Family Council and its protocol
Professional Directors Selection
Preparation and implementation of procedures
Asignment of internal roles
Organization of the Board
Training and coaching
Evaluation of the Board and Directors
Preparation and implementation of best practices code


What values does the company accomplish?

Good reputation

High reliability

Strategic and organizational effectiveness
Investment appeal


How is it applied?
360º evaluation of the company`s current situation through interviews and surveys with directors, employees, suppliers, clients, shareholders and the community in general.
Based on the indicators surveyed, a tailored solution is designed for  the particular needs of the company.
Tools and appropriate actions are selected to carry out the work plan.
We can get involved with the development and implementation of the program or provide support for its monitoring and follow up.

Modality of the program:

The workshop is aimed at partners in the company , members of the family involved and independent directors and it is conducted by Dr. Marcos E. J. Bertin throughout a day with lunch.

- 1. Presentation and introduction to Corporate Governance.
- 2. Question period.
3. Group discussions among participants.
4. Conclusions.

CEO of BQC Group , Corporate Governance, Management and Quality consultants. He was president and now honorary member of the IAQ (International Academy for Quality). He has received the “Distinguished Service” medal and the Lancaster Award from the ASQ (American Society for Quality, Milwaukee, Wisconsin), the “Founders” medal from the IAQ  and the Feigenbaum medal to Lifetime Achievement from APQO (Asian Pacific Quality Organization, Manila, Filipinas). He chairs the IAQ ,Quality in Governance Think Tank and he is member of the Private Sector Advisory Group on Corporate Governance of the International Finance Corporation. He has over 30 years of experience and track record in leadership and management at Firmenich SA and Gillette (Buenos Aires, Boston and Geneva).

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