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Adaptation to changes is a critical success factor for business.


The decades of experience of Bertin Quality Consulting professionals are in various and diverse areas.
Thus we group our company services as follows:

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Bertin Consulting bonds a professional team and organizations with a broad experience in areas related to commercial and investments services, quality management and corporate governance.


Countries have different cultures, habits and purchasing powers. Argentina is a major country with huge opportunities. That is why we offer tailor made strategies and implementations programs.


Be your bussines partner in Argentina.



Distingue y reconoce al Dr. Marcos E. J. Bertín como el inspirador y mentor fundacional de la Fundación Empresaria para la Calidad y la Excelencia en su 30 aniversario, lo acompañan Maica Palacios y Raúl Angel Rodriguez.

2017 ASQ World Conference on Quality and Improvemen

With more than 100 sessions focusing on the 2017 theme—Grow Your Influence: In the Profession, Through the Organization and Around the World—browse through the program by day, level, focus area, and session type to find exactly what you need.

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IPACE - Competencia regional de equipos.

Jurado, Claudio Bertin

La Competencia Regional de Equipos es la jornada más importante de la Argentina para conectar con la experiencia de proyectos de las mejoras empresas que demuestran que trabajando en equipo se logran los mejores resultados.
Compartir, motivar y aprender

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Milwaukee Section  Board members are comprised of volunteers from various businesses that come together to serve the Greater Milwaukee area.

ASQ Milwaukee Section 1202 provides a forum to the Milwaukee area to advance the Principals of Quality and Operational Excellence to our Section membership through learning, networking and exchange of knowledge.

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